endlessyuji: 1-10

 1.  I love it rough (lol) especially when either of us is damn near begging for more. 

2.      It doesn’t matter really, both, neither, anyone really. 

3.     I would /like/ to have sex at least twice-three times a week again. But at the moment I’m at a…once/twice a month thing. Sucks haha. 

4.      No not really. But when I want it I want it. 

5.      I don’t have to be, but I’d like to be for the purpose of kissing haha. 

6.      Well I don’t have to be drunk to do that ;D so I don’t think that’s happened..yet lol.

7.    I’m comfortable with the idea of one night stands. I just need to be comfortable enough with the person to do it. 

8.      Uh…this year let’s say two or three? Back home I have a friend that I hook up with, so there’s no need for one night stands when I’m with him.

9.      Hm…I’d be lame if I said missionary, but that’s one of my favorites, not because it can get me off but because I love watching my partner’s face haha (weird) 

10.    Bed. Bed. Bed. 

You should totally ask me some questions <3


1.      Do you like it rough or sensual?:  

2.      Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: 

3.      How often do you like to have sex?: 

4.      Is sex a top priority for you?: 

5.      Do you have sex face to face with your partner?:

6.      How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: 

7.      How do you feel about one night stands?: 

8.      How many one night stands have you had?:  

9.      What’s your favorite position?: 

10.    Where’s your favorite place to have sex?: 

11.    Do you prefer to make love or fuck?: 

12.    Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: 

13.    How long do you usually fore-play before doing the deed?: 

14.    Do you get off first or do they?: 

15.    Do you like kissing during sex?: 

16.    Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quiet?:

17.    Do you prefer your partner to be loud or quiet?:

18.    Does size matter (for girls— dicks/for guys— boobs)?: 

19.    How old were you when you lost your virginity?:

20.    How many sexual partners have you have in the last month?:

21.    What does your favorite fore-play include?: 

22.    Do you ever play with yourself during the act?: 

23.    Do you prefer to sleep with randoms or one person?: 

24.    Have you ever done anal? If so, did you like it?:  

25.    When and where was your wildest sex ever?:

26.    What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?:

27.    Have you ever done porn?: 

28.    Have you ever have sex for money?: 

29.    Have you ever bribed someone to sleep with you?: 

30.    Is the sex still good when your cheating?: 

31.    During sex… what are you thinking about?: 

32.    Do you prefer the top or the bottom at first?: 

33.    How many positions do you like to do during one episode?: 

34.    Do you ever worry about how your pleasing your partner?: 

35.    Could you live without sex?: 

36.    How often do you find sex boring?: 

37.    How long does a typical sexual episode last for you?: 

38.    What was your worst sexual experience?

39.    Do you like to perform oral sex?: 

40.    Do you like to recieve oral sex?: . 

41.    Have you ever taped yourself in the act?: 

42.    Have you ever had a 3-some? 4-some? 5-some?: 

43.    Have you ever had interracial sex?: 

44.    Have you ever been caught in the act?:

45.    Have you ever had sex while at work?: 

46.    Have you ever had sex while at school?:

47.    What is something that you would never consider doing?: 

48.    Have you ever had sex on drugs?:

49.    Would you ever have sex in public?: 

50.    What’s your biggest turn on?: 

51.    Do you spit or swallow?: 

52.    How many times have you gotten off in one night?:

53.    Would you let other people watch you have sex live?: 

54.    Have you have ever sex in front of your best friend?:   

55.    Have you ever had sex with your best friend’s b/f or g/f?: 

56.    Do you ever have sex in the shower?: 

57.    What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever done it?: 

58.    What was the biggest age difference with a partner?: 

59.    Do you feel your up to par in bed?: 

60.    Are you still gonna have sex when your 70?: 

61.    What was your most embarrassing sexual moments?:

62.    How old is “too young” to have sex your in opinion?: 

63.    Do you like to be completely naked or half-assed?:

64.    Have you ever done it at your grandparent’s?: 

65.    Have you ever done it on a boat/yacht?: 

66.    What’s the most public place that you can think of that you’ve had sex at?: 

67.    Do you like having sex in cars? If so, driver seat, passenger, or back?:

68.    Do you were protection as often as you should?: 

69.    Has any of your one night stands resulted in a child that you know of?:

70.    If your over 18, have you ever had sex with someone under 18?: 

71.    Do you prefer to sleep with someone older or younger than you?:

72.    Have you ever done bondage sex (chains,whips,etc.)?:

73.    Have you ever slept with someone out of pity?:  

74.    Can you remember who gave you the best sex of your life?:

75.    If you could sleep with ANYONE, would would it be?: 

Something new with my hair. :) What do you think~?


鳥居 (Torii) (by halfrain)


If Andromeda were brighter, this is how it would look in our night sky.
They’re all out there, we just can’t see them

Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years

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Phyllorhiza punctata.  Should I have focused a little closer?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, the colors.